Lecture Schedule 2019-2020

From September to May (but not December) we meet on the 2nd Monday of the month at 8pm in UCC Civil Engineering building. This building is near the College Road entrance to the campus.  See Getting there.

The centre piece of each meeting is a lecture by a club member or invited guest.  Also a briefing on what to look for in the sky that month and club announcements.  The formal part of the meeting finishes at 9:40 pm, and you can slip away then if you need to; or join us for tea and biscuits and a chat.

Here are the forthcoming season’s lectures up to November. Further speakers and topics will be announced.

Mon 9th Sept 2019   “ET Where Are You?”─ Terry Moseley,  Ireland’s foremost amateur astronomer 🎇

Mon 14th Oct 2019   “The Active Sun: Solar Eruptions and their Impact on Earth” ─  Dr Sophie Murray, space weather scientist at Trinity College Dublin ✨

Mon 11th Nov 2019  “Space law: Weapons, property rights and mining in Space” ─   Laura Keogh, space lawyer

December 2019 – no lecture

Mon 13th Jan 2020   

Mon 10th Feb 2020    

Mon 9th Mar 2020    

Mon 6th April 2020  (first Monday) 

Mon 11th May 2020