Founded in 1978, Cork Astronomy Club is a vibrant group of amateur astronomers with interest in the planets, stars, the universe at large, space exploration and the history of astronomy.  We hold monthly public lectures from September through to May.  For members there are many additional activities, Saturday workshops, observing, outings, social events.

This website is to share our passion for the universe and the fascinating mysteries it holds and to bring you news, photos, links to articles, videos and other resources.  You’ll also find out about our Club here.  Follow us also on Facebook and Twitter, and let us bring you closer to ESA, NASA, Sky at Night and numerous organisations working on space programs.

Cork is home to Blackrock Castle Observatory, and we work together on outreach activities and events.

The Club
  • Membership is open to all with an interest in astronomy
  • A member of the Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies
  • Lectures on astronomy related topics by experts drawn from club members and invited guests
  • Viewing sessions, workshops, social events, field trips
  • No connection with any firms selling telescopes
  • A democratic club, committee elected by all club members at AGM each May