Dr Michael Tremmel, Creating the Universe on a Computer, Mon 17 April 2023, 8 pm

A Cork Astronomy Club public lecture held in UCC’s Civil Engineering (Ashley Cummins) Building

Not all astronomy is done with a telescope. Large-scale computer simulations, run with the help of high performance computing facilities around the world, provide a unique view of the cosmos as well as crucial theoretical predictions that inform astronomical observations. Dr Tremmel, a lecturer in UCC’s School of Physics, will give an overview of how astrophysicists utilize simulations and conduct numerical experiments to better understand the formation and evolution of galaxies and the supermassive black holes at their centres.

The title of the lecture will be “Creating the Universe on a Computer ─ How simulations help us study galaxies”.  

Above: Dr Tremmel rescues Schrödinger’s cat

Where and when

Venue: UCC’s Civil Engineering (Ashley Cummins) Building, near UCC’s College Road entrance.   Directions here.

Start time is 8 pm prompt, so please arrive 10 minutes early.

This lecture is open to all. There will also be club announcements and a sky this month presentation, and if you are new to our Club you will get a feel for our activities.

When we finish at 9.45, you can stay and chat for a few minutes after the end of the formal meeting, with tea and coffee served.

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