Lecture Schedule 2022-23

Cork Astronomy Club monthly lectures are open to all, and visitors are welcome.  Most lectures will be held at UCC and live streamed.  Members will receive a Zoom link to enable them to watch remotely if desired, and visitors who want the link should sign up for our monthly guest bulletin.  In addition to the monthly lectures, Zoom-only events may also be held.

Monthly meetings include a briefing on what to look for in the sky this month, as well as club announcements, enabling visitors to get a feel for our activities.  Tea and coffee are served after the meeting providing space for informal chats.

Mon 12th Sept 2022  ─ The James Webb Space Telescope and its potential to impact our understanding of the universe.  Dr Niall Smith, Head of Research, MTU Cork Campus

Mon 10th Oct 2022  

Mon 14th Nov 2022  ─

December 2022  ─

Mon 9th Jan 2023  ─

Mon 13th Feb 2023  ─

Mon 13th March 2023

Mon 17th April 2023

Mon 8th May 2023