Lecture Schedule 2021-22

Due to the Covid-19 public health emergency, all public lectures except for the last two in this schedule were by Zoom.

The centre piece of each meeting was a lecture by an invited guest. Monthly meetings also included a briefing on what to look for in the sky that month, as well as club announcements, enabling visitors to get a feel for our actrivities.

Mon 13th Sept 2021   “Taking the Measure of Our Universe” ─  Dr Robin Catchpole, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge. Remote lecture

Mon 11th Oct 2021   electronics engineer Cillian O’Driscoll on “How satellites revolutionised how we navigate – and tell the time” Remote lecture

Mon 8th Nov 2021  Dr. Ann-Marie Madigan, Assistant Professor of Astrophysics at University of Colorado – “No Need for Planet 9” Remote lecture

Mon 6th Dec 2021  – Dr. Julian Onions, Nottingham University- “Galaxies – One Gigayear at a time” Remote lecture

Mon 10th Jan 2022  – Dr Amanda Hendrix, Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute – “Rethinking Planetary Protection Strategies for Robotic Mars Missions” Remote lecture

Mon 14th Feb 2022  Viewing eclipses, transits and occultations – Paul Evans, prominent Irish amateur astronomer, maker of monthly sky this month videos. Remote lecture

Mon 14th March 2022“What makes a comet Great” – Prof Alan Fitzsimmons,    Queen’s University Belfast. Remote lecture

Mon 11th April 2022– UCC’s Prof Paul Callanan: “Gravitational Waves and the hunt for the missing Black Holes”. HELD IN PERSON AT UCC, and live streamed

Mon 9th May 2022 “Birr Castle in the 19th Century – Mary Field & William Parsons and an Astronomical Leviathan” – Club members John Burgess and Dr Bettie Higgs. HELD IN PERSON AT UCC, and live streamed