Lecture Schedule 2020-21

From September 2020 we shall hold public lectures using Zoom, and this will continue until we are able to resume lectures at University College Cork. For the Zoom link, if not published here, you can email info@corkastronomyclub.com.

The Zoom meetings will be on the second Monday of the month, plus occasional extra dates for especially prominent speakers. The centre piece of each meeting is a lecture by an invited guest, sometimes by a club member. Monthly meetings will also include a briefing on what to look for in the sky that month and club announcements.

Start time 8pm. The formal part of each meeting finishes at 9:15 pm, though there will be an opportunity to join the meeting early, or stay for a few extra minutes at the end.

Here are the forthcoming season’s events as arranged so far. Further speakers and topics will be announced.

Mon 14th Sept 2020   “Observing and photographing the Moon”─ Frances McCarthy & Danielle Wilcox,  Blackrock Castle Observatory Outreach Team.

Mon 12th Oct 2020   “Mars, a Cosmic Stepping Stone” ─   Kevin Nolan, Author of Mars, A Cosmic Stepping Stone: Uncovering Humanity’s Cosmic Context (2009).

Mon 26th Oct 2020Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Visiting Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Oxford will give a talk on “Pulsars, magnetars and fast radio bursts” Zoom link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86442149554

Mon 9th Nov 2020  “Galileo to Laudato Si: Why Astronomy Needs Faith”Bro Guy Consolmagno, Director Vatican Observatory

Mon 7th Dec 2020 “New Strategies in the Search for E.T.” by Dr Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at SETI Institute

Mon 11th Jan 2021  – British cosmologist, astrophysicist, and Astronomer Royal Martin Rees on “Our Future in Space”

Mon 8th Feb 2021

Mon 8th Mar 2020  –   

Mon 12th April 2021 

Mon 10th May 2021