“ET where are you?” – 9 Sept, 2019

Leading Irish amateur astronomer Terry Moseley opened the Club’s new season in September by asking “ET where are you?”.  The date was Mon 9th Sept 2019, and as usual the venue was UCC.   Several new members joined.

Noting that despite scientists’ best efforts no evidence of life elsewhere in the universe has so far come to light,  Terry asked what we can deduce from this. He referred to the Fermi Paradox – the apparent mismatch between the lack of evidence, in spite of extensive search, for extra-terrestrial intelligence, and various estimates suggesting it’s highly probable extra-terrestrial civilizations should exist elsewhere in our galaxy.  Have alien civilisations destroyed themselves, as some fear we might, before being able to reach out? Are they too far away? Or don’t care?

And what might the psychological effect on us be of contact with a civilisation as far ahead of us as we are to hedgehogs? Terry entertained us with these and other speculations, giving rise to a lively Q&A session.

Terry Moseley
Terry Moseley

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