Saturday workshop schedule 2019/20

Please note these workshops are not open to the public and are confined to club members only.

Autumn 2019

Oct 19 New Members Welcome Meeting,  with committee members
Blackrock Castle, 11.00 👍

Nov 9 Introduction to Astronomy. Tom Bonner will present this introductory workshop designed for new members (or, maybe not so new members!) 10. 30 Tory Top Road Library.

Nov 30 The Ecliptic. The Ecliptic Plane is the projection of Earth’s orbit onto the celestial sphere. … Besides defining the path of the sun, the ecliptic marks the line along which eclipses occur, the moon and planets and asteroids wander, the Zodiac constellations live. Confused? Tony Jackson will explain all. As usual it will be held in Tory Top Road Library at 10.30

Spring 2020