Peter’s private post

It’s time the UN set up a licensing authority to permit space colonization and mining, with extremely stringent rules which would effectively rule out either. Many parallels with a History of Britain – The Humans Arrive  tap for video. And here’s a nice sunset to prove it. Pity I can’t remember how to add a caption to the photo. I got it via the little drop down triangle and selected Inline image, though that’s not how I did it before, if I recall aright. Late edit.

Noctilucent Clouds

I’ve made this private and sticky via the quick edit screen though I don’t really understand either. Well I thought I made it private but it just shows up on the list as draft. Have worked out how to insert a para after the photo, bravo!

Must remember to ask Garry about tags. Looking forward to learning about excerpts. Also can we tidy up the list of posts, put them in folders perhaps?

Prof Paul Callanan, UCC

Paul with a tube and a lens but how did I do this caption can;t remember

Heart Nebula

some stars this is what we look at all night