Jocelyn Bell Burnell – “Pulsars, magnetars and fast radio bursts” – Mon 26 Oct 2020, 8pm

Cork Astronomy Club was honoured to welcome Jocelyn Bell Burnell who gave a talk by Zoom on “Pulsars, magnetars and fast radio bursts”. 

An inspiring speaker, it’s a topic she is uniquely qualified to address, since in 1967 as a postgraduate student Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovered the first radio pulsars, amongst the most significant scientific achievements of the 20th century.  She is visiting Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Oxford, and past president of the Institute of Physics and of the Royal Astronomical Society. 

Numerous plaudits, a typical one reads “I know little myself and she was able to, explain everything to someone at my level despite the information being so complicated, and yet also engaging those with more knowledge. She’s brilliant! ” Cork Astronomy Club is grateful that amongst all the more pressing calls upon her, Jocelyn took the trouble and made the time to give this talk to our club, a day that we shall long remember.

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

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