Rolling Sun of Croagh Patrick

Croagh Patrick Croagh Patrick, Mayo

A beautiful annual spectacle watched over by the boheh rock, dating from between 4,000 and 2500 BC but how was it discovered and what is its meaning? On August 24 a most amazing phenomenon known as the “rolling sun” can be witnessed in the west of Ireland on Croagh Patrick, the holy mountain of Saint … Continue reading "Rolling Sun of Croagh Patrick"

Culture Night in Ireland

Black Rock Castle Cork

Cork Astronomy Club usually attends Blackrock Castle on this night - however due to Civid-9 this may not be the case this year.  See this spot and the web-site front page for further notifications

International Observe the Moon Night

From Wikipedia International Observe the Moon Night is an annual public outreach event sponsored by the  Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission, the Solar System Exploration Division at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and other NASA and astronomical organizations that encourages observation, appreciation, and understanding of our Moon and its connection to planetary science and exploration. Everyone … Continue reading "International Observe the Moon Night"

Harvest Moon

The "harvest moon" is the full moon nearest to the autumnal equinox (22 or 23 September), occurring anytime within two weeks before or after that date. The "hunter's moon" is the full moon following it.

Processing Lunar Images

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Garry O'Brien will be using software in real time to demonstrate how to process images made with video or DSLR's. Garry O'Brien, Image Board controller, Web-site Administrator  

Orion Molecular Cloud Presentation

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The Orion Nebula is a favourite target for both visual and astrophotography astronomers alike. This "star nursery" is easily located and amazing to view but what exactly is it? Ted will explain its origins and relevance to star formation. Ted Heubach

Star Magnitude System

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Star Magnitude System presented by Tony Jackson Star Magnitude or brightness is classified by a numerical system which can be a little counter intuitive with brighter stars having a minus number. Tony will explain the origins and usages of the magnitude system Tony Jackson, Membership Secretary

Observers Group (May)

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This observers group is for members only who will get a zoom invitation via email 24/48 hours prior to the event

William Lassell 1799 – 1880, Telescopes, Planets and Drinking Beer

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    For our final lockdown lecture of the current season, Cork Astronomy Club welcomes Society for the History of Astronomy Chairman Gerard Gilligan to tell us about William Lassell, the Liverpool brewer and amateur astronomer who in 1846, using his own self built telescope, discovered Neptune's largest moon, Triton, just 17 days after the discovery of … Continue reading "William Lassell 1799 – 1880, Telescopes, Planets and Drinking Beer"

Introduction to Astronomy (Part 2)

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Tony Jackson, Membership Secretary The second part of Tony’s two-part beginners workshop has been rescheduled to Thursday 13th May, at 7.30 pm. Tony calls the next session “Dancing with the planets. Understand why the planets move as they do across the sky, and where to find them over the coming months”. In common with all … Continue reading "Introduction to Astronomy (Part 2)"