General Guidelines for submitting images for the website and Image Board


The club maintains a gallery of images submitted by its members for inclusion either in the Monthly Image Board and/or on this website.  The original proposal adopted by the Executive Committee reads as follows:


The proposal is to set up and maintain a system that regularly receives Astronomy related images taken by club members and in a non-judgmental way, displays the originals at the monthly Observers Group and as thumbnails in the regular newsletter or as a separate Image Board.

Objectives and benefits

For Members:

  • An outlet for showing their own work/images
  • Non-judgemental (something to be emphasized on inauguration)
  • A service provided by the club
  • People who cannot get to the observers group have an outlet for their work

For the Club:

  • Key information on the extent of astrophotography within the club and around cork
  • Can see work of people who may not be able to attend observers group
  • Adds to the range of services provided by the club in encouraging astronomy generally

The Image Board was set up and began operating in June 2018 and was formally launched at the September 2018 meeting.  The inclusion of images from all sources to this web site commenced in October 2018.

To view and/or download the Image Board Guidelines as a PDF file select below:

Image Board Guidelines Sept 2018

This is an example of an Image Board

All the images in the above Image Board are duplicated on this Web Site.

There will be occasions where members submit photos for inclusion in the newsletter, Facebook and Twitter pages.  These would normally be processed by the Club Executive Chair who will arrange for the Web Administrator to put them on this web site.