Lecture Schedule 2018-2019

Mon 10th Sept 2018  “Mars: not this good again till 2035”  – Frances McCarthy, Education and Outreach Officer, Blackrock Castle Observatory

Mon 8th Oct 2018   “Exoplanets – the past, present and future”,  Dr Chris Watson, head of the exoplanet group,  Queens University Belfast.

Mon 12th Nov 2018   “The 1919 solar eclipse – a centenary worth observing” – Prof Paul Callanan, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, UCC.

December 2018no lecture

Mon 14th Jan 2019   “Watch out! There’s space debris about” – Dr Niall Smith,   Head of Research CIT / Head of Blackrock Castle Observatory

Mon 11th Feb 2019    “The Character of the Universe – It’s Written in the Stars” – Tom Bonner, a leading member of our Club

Mon 11th Mar 2019    “How we got to the moon and back”  – Brian MacGabhann,   About the Apollo 11 mission.  Galway Astronomy Club

Mon 8th April 2019   “Dark Matters – viewing the dark in a new light” – Georgia MacMillan, light pollution campaigner and one of the organisers of Mayo Dark Sky Festival

Mon 13th May 2019   CIT’s Dr Niall Smith and Club member Eddie Lyons will debate the rights and wrongs of terraforming Mars and sending life to other planets.

Workshops Season 2018-2019

Workshop schedule 2018/19


Oct 13
New Members Welcome Meeting,  with committee members
Blackrock Castle, 11 AM

Nov 17
Buying a Scope?  What type, price ranges, where to buy.  Tony Jackson
Tory Top Library, 14.30

Dec 1
Drombeg Stone Circle, Michael O’Keefe.   This workshop in advance of visit so that we all have a better knowledge and understanding of the site beforehand.
Tory Top Library,  14.30

Dec 21
Winter Solstice at Drombeg
Drombeg,  16.00


Jan 19
Discovering Exoplanets,  Derek O’Keefe, will also include details of dome automation.
Tory Top Library,  10.30

Feb 16
Introduction to Radio Astronomy.  Tom Bonner will introduce us to the amazing world of Radio Astronomy.
Tory Top Library,  10.30

Mar 9
Understanding the Ecliptic.  The Ecliptic is the imaginary orbit in the sky that marks the apparent annual path of the sun on the celestial sphere with the Earth as the reference frame. Understanding this momentum explains what and when we see the various objects in the night sky.

Tony Jackson
Tory Top Library,  10.30