Workshop Schedule 2020/21

Please note these workshops are not open to the public and are confined to club members only. Due to the current Covid 19 Pandemic conditions, all workshops will conducted via Zoom. Zoom workshops take place at 7.30 PM on the 3rd. Tuesday of the month. Links to join the meetings will be issued by email in advance of the workshops.

To ask about joining, email or ring Lynda 087-2321706

Autumn 2020

September 22

Solar Alemena Presentd by Doroteja Repic

Doroteja will describe the various methods of tracking the Sun as it describes a figure of 8 pattern in the sky over a 12 month period

October 20

Telescope Workshop Part I presented by Tony Jackson

“All about telescopes for the novice” 

Tony will cover the different types of telescopes, their advantages and disadvantages, the different types of mounts, and the sky co-ordinate systems, and more 

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October 29

Telescope Workshop Part II Presented by Tony Jackson

“Telescope optics”

Tony will delve into how telescopes magnify, how lenses and mirrors combine to magnify, and also how to collimate (align the optics) of a reflector telescope, and more 

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November 17

Processing Lunar Images From Video Presented by Garry O’Brien

Garry will take us through the various methods of producing that perfect crisp single image from a video stream.

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Spring 2021

January 19

Orion Molecular Cloud Presented by Ted Heubach

The Orion Nebula is a favourite target for both visual and astrophotography astronomers alike. This “star nursery” is easily located and amazing to view but what exactly is it? Ted will explain its origins and relevance to star formation. – Go to Calendar

February 19

Star Magnitude System presented by Tony Jackson

Star Magnitude or brightness is classified by a numerical system which can be a little counter intuitive with brighter stars having a minus number. Tony will explain the origins and usages of the magnitude system

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March 16

Weather Forecasting presented by Bill Kavanagh

Astronomy being such a visual activity it is highly dependent on clear skies. Bill will take us through the science of weather forecasting and how to better interpret a weather map.

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April 20

Introduction To The Night Sky For Beginners Part 1 presented by Tony Jackson

These two modules are designed for “new” members to the club. “New” is a very broad term and these modules are sure to appeal to many club members, you will always learn something new!

Part 1 Covers: Discover the sky, identify prominent objects, and see why the sky “moves” the way it does. – Go to Calendar

April 27

Introduction To The Night Sky For Beginners Part 2 presented by Tony Jackson

Following the April 20th. workshop part 2 covers

Dancing with the planets. Understand why the planets move as they do across the sky, and where to find them over the coming months.

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