About the Club & Committee

Cork Astronomy Club is in existence since 1978 and is a vibrant group of astronomers with interest in the planets, stars and the universe at large. There are monthly meetings and workshops from September through to May every year with loads of events and trips in between.

This website is to share our passion for the universe and the fascinating mysteries it holds and bring you news, photos, links to articles and any other item of interest we come across. The rise of social media means our Facebook and Twitter accounts can bring us closer to NASA, Sky at Night and all the other organisations working on space programs.

Cork is home to Blackrock Castle Observatory. Cork Astronomy Club and Blackrock Castle work together on outreach activities and events.

The Club

  • Membership is open to all with an interest in astronomy
  • A member of the Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies
  • Lectures on astronomy related topics by experts drawn from club members and invited guests
  • Viewing sessions using the club telescope
  • No connection with any firms selling telescopes
  • A democratic club
  • Committee elected by all club members at AGM each May

What The Committee Does

Subject to the annual general meeting, the Executive Committee manages and directs the Club. This includes arranging a lecture programme, maintaining the club telescope, organising trips and events for club members, recruiting new members, bringing the club to public notice, administering insurance and finances.

The committee for 2018/2019 was elected at the club AGM on 30th May 2018 .

The members are :-

Chairperson : Peter Household

Secretary: Lynda O’Mahony

Treasurer: Paddy Brennan

Committee members:-

From left to right;

Top Row: Bill O’ Meara, Jan Cap, John Cuthbert, Declan Foley, Lynda O’ Mahony (Secretary), Paddy Brennan (Treasurer)
Bottom Row: Peter Household (Chairman), Stanley Murphy, Eddie Lyons, Tony Jackson, Marie Shinnick
Photos awaited: Veronica Long, Paul Murphy, Carmen Milea, Garry O’Brien, Colm Philpott

Bill O'Meara Jan Cap Declan Foley Lynda O'Mahony (Secretary) Paddy Brennan (Treasurer) Peter Household (Chairman) Stanley Murphy Eddie LyonsTony Jackson marie-shinnick