Workshops for Members

The Saturday morning workshops on this page (for members only) are in addition to the Monday night lectures (which are open to all). A New Members Morning is held in October. Over the summer we are thinking about our new programme for the 2018/19 season. What follows is a flavour of workshops we have offered our members in the recent past :

Observing Workshops

Observational Astronomy: A journey through the night sky. The joy of looking, seeing and understanding”

“Celestial Mechanics” – how the stars, planets, Sun and Moon move. You will find out what to look for, and when to look for it.

“Telescope Basics for Beginners” Types of telescopes, binoculars, mounts, sky co-ordinates, using the finder scope, collimation, etc

Using Stellarium a program you can install on your computer to show how to map the sky tonight, in the past, in the future.

Time and position astronomy, astro-navigation – to introduce you to measuring the heavens, and deducing time and the calendar, and demonstrating the use of ancient instruments

Radioastronomy – we launched a special interest group to meet regularly so members can learn together about radio astronomy.

Astrophotography with DSLR

Imaging the Moon and Planets with planetary camera and use of associated software. Practical demonstration of camera control and video stacking.

Deep Sky photography

Motion and Gravity – Gravity and the equations of motion on earth and other solar system bodies (planets, moons and comets) – Newton ‘s Universal law of gravitation.

New members Morning

Meet the committee and fellow new members with tea and scones at Blackrock Castle and find out about the Clubs activities and how to get the most out of your membership. As well as taking the opportunity to tell you about the Club, we are keen to hear your own ideas about how the Club can best further your interest in astronomy.