2018 / 19 Workshops for Members

The Saturday workshops on this page (for members only) are in addition to the Monday night lectures (which are open to all). A New Members Morning will be held on October 13th. in Blackrock Castle Observatory at 11. AM. Join us for scones and tea / coffee to learn more about the club, its members and how to get the most from the club.

The following is a list of workshops planned for the 2018/19 season:

Date       Location                         Time        Subject                                                               Presenter

Oct 13     Blackrock Castle Obv,      11.00          New Members welcome meeting                      Club committee members

Nov 17   Tory Top Road Library     14.30          Buying a new telescope, which one                   Tony Jackson

                                                                                  will suit you best

Dec 1      Tory Top Road Library     14.30         Drombeg Stone Circle, Histiory,                         Michael O’Keefe

                                                                                  Excavation, astronomical usage

Dec 21    Drombeg Stone Circle       TBA           Observe winter solstice  (Subject to                   Michael O’Keefe

                                                                                   weather etc)

Jan 19    Tory Top Road Library      10.30          Discovering Exoplanets  including                   Derek O’Keefe

                                                                                   dome set up and automation

Feb 16    Tory Top Road Library      10.30          Subject to be advised

Mar 9     Tory Top Road Library       10.30         Subject to be advised



Our 2015 outing was to the beautiful historic city of Vienna, with it's fine palaces, gardens and Wiener Schnitzels !

We had not one, but two observatories to visit, the University Observatory and the private Kuffner Observatory.

Photos show Tony and James admiring the old transit telescope, Dr. Thomas Posch showing the group around one of the telescopes at the University, and some of the gang having refreshments after a long day!

Another solar observing session at Corrin Wood, outside Fermoy. A good selection of telescopes, and many sunspots and flares to be seen.

Bill observing with Tony's 6" refractor using a white light filter.

Doroteja got all shy!... Using Pat's Cornado telescope observing in the hydrogen alpha band.

Tweedle dee and tweedle dum!!!
(Aka the two Johns)

John W observing while being supervised by John C !!

The dark skies of Ballinskelligs in Co Kerry beckoned, so a hardy group stayed overnight in the beautiful surrounds of the Iveragh peninsula in November. This was a social occasion with partners, and we were joined by the local astronomy group. The night was clear and many deep sky objects were observed.

Photo: The gang at breakfast.

Tony and Declan about to take a gander outside with the binos!

This years culture night was held on 21st Sept, and the club was once again in the courtyard of Blackrock Castle Observatory. We had a selection of 10 telescopes to cater for the estimated 800 people. A great night for all with plenty to observe.

Glenn with his 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain hard at work with a budding young Astronomer!

John with his 10" reflector explaining the finer points of observing! Love the cup stand John!

I spy with my little eye! The queue at Joe's 12" Dob.

Another budding young Astronomer tries out Tony's 6" Refractor.

The beautiful city of Prague was our destination this year. A city steeped in history with many churches and castles, but out interest was in the fact that two famous astronomers, Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler, lived there for a period of time.

Members outside the Kepler Museum.

Crescent Moon and Venus visible while having evening dinner outside in the Old Town Square.

Denis at the business end of the 8" refractor in the observatory.

The club recently held an observing session at Corrin Wood. We had a selection of Coronado and filtered telescopes to observe Solar flares and sunspots.

Pat with his Coronado scope and some of the club members

Tony and members were using the projection method to safely observe the Sun. Nice projection box Tony!!!

All done... Christopher and Eoin packing up after the successful session.